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Landbank Developments Consultancy work with a specialist property team who have a long track record of successfully obtaining planning permission on selectively sourced property sites in London and its environs.

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In our joint venture projects, we have the privilege to act as the conduit between landowners and investors via our experienced team of property specialists based in London.

Our professional team have many years of specialist experience in various areas of property development including: Design & Architecture; Planning; Business Development; Project Management; Project Sourcing; JV negotiations and Urban Development Consultancy.

Our experience enables us to select suitable sites for planning gains. Our team then negotiates with site owners and manages consultants and architects to secure planning permissions.

During most projects complex financial or legal issues occur. Our team and advisors deal with these matters to achieve planning approval within a short acceptable timeframe.

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“Wonderful news and congratulations to you and your team on the job well done to date”
Michelle Adeyemi
Lansdowne-Place Investor