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Invest in Development Property sites

UK property investment is one of the most constant, reliable and secure investment assets known.

Most private & institutional property investors buy newly developed properties with the hope to make between 5% – 10% IRR in rental income and capital gains combined. Whereas the real wealth is made in property development, where developers are able to achieve IRR in excess of 15% and up to 20%.

A key factor that determines the profitability of a development project is planning. A well designed plan that maximises use of a site determines how profitable the project will be.

By obtaining planning permission on these property assets, they significantly increase in value.

The city of London is full of commercial / brownfield property sites and land assets that can be redeveloped to maximise the potential.

Successful planning approvals are achieved through comprehensive research, effective management of the planning and development process, and the careful control of risk. This is what the Landbank team are experts at delivering.

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Investors Achieve anything from 10% up to 45% Potential ROI in less than 24 months!

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Good opportunities happen when we combine perfect commercial sense and the right timing. We believe that investing with us in the regeneration of London inner-city commercial / brownfield property sites is a great investment.

  • This is a “first in and first out” investment, so you don’t have to wait for the build out, sale of units or collection of rents to get a return on your investment.
  • Expected returns on capital from 10% up to 45% potential over a short period.
  • All investors hold direct ownership of the property asset, unlike investing into a fund or derivative.

In February 2017 the UK government made significant changes to the Housing Bill that:

  1. Fully supports & encourages brownfield development
  2. Allows for higher density housing on inner-city sites
  3. Encourages “build to rent” development for the growing private rental sector
  • There is a strong & growing appetite for “build to rent” developments coming from UK & international pension funds, sovereign wealth funds & private investors.
  • All sites are sourced and managed by an experienced, successful & proven team.
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The advantages of investing in joint venture developments:

  • By Joint Venturing we eliminate acquisition risk and expense associated with outright purchase of a development site.
  • joint venturing opens up an increasing range of development opportunities for sites that may otherwise not have been available for development.
  • By joint venturing we use less initial capital to control a relatively large equity stake in a development asset.
  • By joint venturing, the  capital invested increases the value of the development via planning-gains; thereby enabling investors to achieve higher returns with low risk.
  • By joint venturing, we also provide a handsfree development opportunity for land asset owners who cannot embark on such intricate but lucrative projects on their own; hence we create a win-win situation for all parties involved.
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