how we do it

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our process

How we do it

The Beginning

UK property investment is one of the most constant, reliable and secure investment assets known. London is full of commercial / brownfield property and land assets that can be redeveloped to maximise their potential.

Once planning permission on property assets is obtained, they significantly increase in value and by re-developing the sites we are able to obtain maximum value on each investment.

We source for development sites in London and its environs. We conduct due diligence on the viability, we agree on a bespoke joint venture development partnership with property site owners and then invite investors to join in the development partnerships. We work with a specialist UK team who have a long track record in success in obtaining planning permission on similar projects, long management and business development experience.

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The Middle

A Special Purpose Vehicle in the form of a UK Limited Company is set up per project to hold and own the property site acquired. Shares in the SPV company are then allocated to all parties involved.

Our team of property specialists work on obtaining planning permission on the site. The first milestone will be to get pre-application consent from the local planning authorities to ascertain the scope and conditions agreeable to the authorities, then we apply for full planning permission.

Regular updates are provided to clients on progress all through the planning and development process.

The Exit Strategy

Land with planning consent is very attractive to developers and institutional investors. Often buyers are found before planning is obtained and the land is “sold subject to planning”. Marketing of the site will commence after pre-application consent is achieved within the first 3 months. This means that once planning is granted the land can be placed on the market and profits made.

We are therefore able to offer investors the opportunity of positive returns by investing with us and sharing in the exceptional planning gains proceeds.

We may otherwise decide to fully develop the site for additional profit.

What we do


“I’m impressed with how you are running things, so well done Andrew and team. I always look forward to your monthly report. It is nice to see the Lansdowne – Place development starting to come to life. Great progress so far.”
Sean Wilde
Lansdowne-Place Investor
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how we do it

The Stages in Detail

Analysis & Design

Acquisition decision making is based on rigorous analysis and clear strategic thinking.

Good design creates good value. We rely on top award-winning architects for our designs.

Experience & Expertise

The depth and breadth of our team’s experience is our key asset. Our team’s expertise covers the full spectrum of investment and development in the commercial and residential sectors.

Value of 2nd Opinion

We ensure all areas are covered by getting a 2nd opinion from another independent planning consultancy prior to submitting planning applications.


We leverage our unrivalled industry network to deliver for our investment partners.

Risk management

At every step of the process we identify, analyse, quantify and manage risk.


Our relationships provide us access to investors and commercial finance for even the most complex projects in challenging markets.

We provide a turn-key development process starting from the initial identification and inception of a project through to sales